About the event

Ever wanted to play against the Chelsea Old Boys? What if you could do it for a charity? Well, now you can!

Koch Media and MCV are pleased to host an online auction for the opportunity for members of the gaming industry to play for GamesAid against the Chelsea Old Boys. All monies raised from the successful bids will go to GamesAid.

GamesAid is a UK video games industry based charity. It distributes funds to a diverse range of charities; it is a means of giving something back on behalf of the industry.

Congratulation to the winning bidders!
This Gamesaid charity auction is now closed.

If you are one of the lucky top 12 bidders we will be contacting you on Monday.

Don't worry if you did not make the top 12, you may still be contacted if other players drop out.
Auction Closed

Chelsea Old Boys

Bidders Bids

GamesAid is a charity within the gaming industry. Its goal is to raise funds and distribute to a range of charities for children and young people.

If you're not bidding but would like to donate to GamesAid, please click the "donate" button.

Successful bidders will be contacted initially by email followed by a phone call from Koch Media to take payment. Unsuccessful bidders will be contacted to participate in the game should any position becomes available.

All funds raised through bids and JustGiving will be transferred in full to GamesAid.
No contact details will be shared outside of the auction.

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